(LP239) Orka Triple Link
  • (LP239) Orka Triple Link
  • (LP239) Orka Triple Link
  • (LP239) Orka Triple Link

(LP239) Orka Triple Link

Orka Triple Link

The Petstages Orka Dental Links chew toys are made with tough chewers in mind, providing pups with an appropriate alternative to redirect destructive behavior and reduce boredom. Made from two reinforced rubber TPE rings with inner ribs and raised diamond textures and a central rope ring that help clean teeth and gums while keeping your dog satisfied. Orka Dental Links by Petstages are a fun interactive toy that can be used in games of fetch, toss, and tug of war! Cleans easily with mild soap and water.

  • durable chew toy:The Orka Dental Links are made of durable, synthetic TPE rubber that is designed to last for hours of play and chew time!
  • reduces destructive behavior:Whether you have a teething puppy or an aggressive biter, the Orka Dental Links dog chew toy is a great option to redirect destructive behavior for pups who love to bite.
  • fetch, toss, and tug:Great for interactive or solo play, the Orka Links Dental chew toy can be used in games of tug of war, toss, fetch and more!
  • multiple textures help clean teeth & gums:This chew toy's reinforced rubber inner rib design and diamond raised textures help keep your pup engaged while the central rope reduces tartar buildup.
  • play it safe:No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

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SAFETY AND CARE: Petstages chews are non-edible and are meant for dogs only. As with any chew toy, we always recommend monitoring your dog's use and replacing after reasonable wear, no toy is indestructible. Remove if excessive consumption occurs or pieces larger than a piece of rice are chewed off. Know your dog’s chewing habits and teeth strength, your pet’s safety is your responsibility. 


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