(LP32024) Hedgehogz Brn SM
  • (LP32024) Hedgehogz Brn SM
  • (LP32024) Hedgehogz Brn SM
  • (LP32024) Hedgehogz Brn SM
  • (LP32024) Hedgehogz Brn SM

(LP32024) Hedgehogz Brn SM

Hedgehogz Brn SM

5.5" x 3.5"

Outward Hound's plush Hedgehogz are a favorite amongst dogs. Made with minimal seams to reduce tearing, and soft faux-fur to mimic a natural feel, your pet will adore snuggling up and playing games with this cuddly companion. Available in a range of sizes. Small and medium Hedgehogz feature the classical squeaker while large and XL Hedgehogz feature a grunting squeaker and rattling noisemaker. If your dog likes to play rough, supervised play will help keep the plush Hedgehogz toy lasting longer.

  • minimal seams & soft faux fur:The Hedgehogz stuffed dog toy is an adorable favorite amongst dogs and pet owners alike! Designed with reduced exposure of seams to promote longer-lasting plush enjoyment.
  • squeaker & noise maker:Small Hedgehogz include a squeaker for classical fun dogs know and love!
  • curl up & cuddle:Our soft and huggable Hedgehogz dog toy has a rounded shape for dogs who love to carry, roll, and snuggle up for naps.
  • multiple sizes to choose from:Hedgehogz are Available in a range of sizes, suitable for all types of dog breeds.
  • play it safe:No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

product safety

SAFETY AND CARE: When choosing a toy, make sure to choose an appropriate size toy for your dog. No toy is indestructible. ALWAYS supervise your dog when using a toy of any kind. Inspect toys regularly for damage and remove and replace if broken, or if parts become separated, as serious injury may result. Intended for dogs only. Keep out of reach of children.


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